Worm grinding wheel grinding machine protection and protection

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Worm grinding wheel grinding machine protection and protection

Source: Bearing network time: 2012-12-29

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The worm wheel grinding machine firstly uses the forming method to process cylindrical involute and cylindrical gears; its working efficiency is high; the processing demand is reached at one time; the outstanding function wins the user's favorite; the operation of the worm grinding wheel grinding machine has all reached 100. % numerical control program; this is more conducive to the advancement of machine tool precision and the use of operators; greatly accelerates the high standardization process of machine tools under the information industrialization. In view of the full numerical control specification of the worm wheel grinding machine; so it is a Machine tools controlled by mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems; various electrical components and hydraulic unit parts; harmonious function of mechanical organization parts are significantly optimized; and complement each other; mutual influence; regarding the protection of ordinary function applications;
First and foremost:
First, the protection of the hydraulic system on the protection of the hydraulic system; when the machine tool is used for a period of time; the viscosity of the hydraulic oil and other functional indicators will be affected; the cleanliness of the oil will also be reduced; some of the more detailed hydraulic valves will be severely worn Negative effect; therefore, it should be deposited and filtered once a month or so; replace it once every three months; this can improve the service life of hydraulic components; together with each solenoid valve, pressure valve, throttle valve, relief valve and The pressure relay is inspected; it must be stopped when the pressure gauge vibrates beyond ±0.5×105Pa; clean the valve core with clean gasoline; make it work normally.
Second, the electrical system protection electrical system is primarily some control components; such as relay output, input interface, electrical box module, cable line floor immersion oil protection; to regularly check these components; cable cable as far as possible to go overhead; Do not land; prevent other signals from being suspended.
Third, the mechanical organization of the protection of the mechanical organization is mainly the bearing load accuracy can reach the demand; the smoothness of the smooth parts can be in place; try to prevent the gear burn at the high-speed working gear; the guide rail is smooth and the rail is strained and other appearance.

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