WJ-24-2 resistance pump BH40 / 2.5 resistance pump

WJ-24-2 resistance pump BH40 / 2.5 resistance pump Stretcher mine fire pump / stretcher resistance pump / retardant jet pump / mine fire pump WJ-24-2 mining resistance pump is used in the mine In the fire extinguishing agent jet anti-coal spontaneous combustion pump, with the advantages of small size and light weight, suitable for coal mining face gob fan spray fire retardant or high risk of falling into the top of the tube with anti-injection fluid resistance, The maximum range of the pump is 15 meters, the power is 3KW. In the use of the pump should pay strict attention to the operator's operational protection and the protection of the surrounding metal machinery to prevent the resistance of the corrosion inhibitor. Today's latest valid order information free to send! Morning latest buyers information free to send! Punch grab Rob here! WJ-24-2 resistance pump in the mining face after mining, manually pull the slurry pipe along the working face of the floating area on the goaf and the upper and lower coupling angle spray on the floating retardant. In the ratio of retardant, must be in accordance with the provisions of the ratio of ratio, to ensure that the resistance to meet the requirements, which play to inhibit the oxidation of coal spontaneous phenomenon. Infusion pipe along the back floor along the wind floor laying, connecting pipelines, pipe connections require tight liquid tight. The suction pipe is arranged along the scraper conveyor and every three meters, a three-way valve is set. In the ratio of solution, to be slightly stirred until all of the retardant dissolved in water before spraying. Benefit coal company specializing in mining products, intentions to do everything!

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