Why does the floor heating pipe installation undergo three pressure tests?

The floor heating pipe, especially the plumbing pipe, is likely to receive damage and cause the floor heating pipe to leak when it is subjected to the knocking and nailing of the floor decoration. Therefore, when installing the floor heating pipe, it is necessary to undergo three pressure tests.

After the laying of the floor heating pipe is completed, the first pressure test is carried out; after the concrete backfilling is completed, the second pressure test is performed; before all the decoration works are completed, the third pressure test is performed before cleaning. The test pressure when pressing is 1.5 times of the working pressure and not less than 0.6Mpa. Stabilize under pressure for 1 hour, if the pressure drop is not more than 0.05Mpa is qualified. Regular floor heating, the pipeline of each pipeline must use the whole pipe, no joints are allowed, so as long as the quality of the pipe is qualified, the pipe itself will not leak. In order to avoid accidental damage to the floor during construction, the best way is to leave a pressure gauge at the construction site after the pressure test. Once the foreign object damages the floor heating pipe, the pressure of the pressure gauge will drop instantaneously, so that the workers can find the problem in time. Due to the different thermal conductivity of different decorative materials, the heating efficiency of the floor heating has a certain influence.

When the floor heating pipe leaks, the inlet and outlet valves should be closed immediately, and the floor heating maintenance company of the album should be repaired.

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Label: Why do you need to go through three pressure tests after installing the floor heating pipe?

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