What are the advantages of pad printing silicone?

Another purpose of pad printing silicone is to make the glue into a pad printing head. The purpose of the pad printing head is to use a printing method, mainly because the ink is used to print text on the surface of the silicone product through the pad printing head. , graphics and images are now becoming an important specialty printing. For example, the text and pattern on the silicone button on the surface of the mobile phone is printed by this type of printing, and the surface of the silicone rubber products of many electronic products such as a computer silicone keyboard is printed by pad printing. The process of printing silicone is relatively simple. The steel (or copper, thermoplastic plastic) gravure is used, and the surface of the gravure ink is applied to the surface of the printing head by using a curved printing head made of silicone rubber material. The surface of the object can be printed to print characters, patterns, and the like. The pad printing silicone button has excellent durability, no deformation, no oil and good ink transfer.

There are 2 kinds of pad printing gels, one is 10:1, the one is 100:2, and the 10:1 is additive-printed silica gel. It can pass the food grade environmentally-certified liquid glue, non-toxic and tasteless. , the color can be adjusted according to customer requirements! This kind of 100:2 is a condensation type pad printing silica gel, and it belongs to industrial grade silica gel. It is not environmentally friendly!

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