Stone material selection knowledge

Choice of materials: In principle, the choice of materials for the spelling will be based on the customer's request for the materials to the salesman at the time of ordering. In the case that the customer did not provide any material selection requirements, the materials were selected according to national stone industry national inspection standards.

Color: The color of the same material of the entire mosaic must be the same, but for some materials (Spain beige, old beige, shanhu red and other marbles) themselves are poorly colored on the same board, the principle of gradual transition of color is adopted. , In order to not affect the aesthetic effect of parquet decorative principle. When it is impossible to achieve a good decorative effect and meet the customer's processing requirements, it can be processed after obtaining the customer's consent.

Lines: The direction of the lines in the processing of the mosaics depends on the specific circumstances. There is no absolute standard for reference. In the case of circular mosaics, the lines can be either circumferential or radial. Whether it is around the circumference or along the radius, we must ensure the consistency of the lines. In the case of a square mosaic, the lines may radiate along the length, may radiate along the width direction, or may radiate along the long main tap width direction to all four sides. As for how to do it, it depends on the processing of the mosaic to achieve the best decorative effect.

Color lines, stains, cracks, holes, trachoma, mildew: These stone defects are absolutely not allowed in terms of the quality of the parquet. However, due to the fact that the stone is naturally generated and does not move with the will of the people, many or all of the stones have more or less such defects. In selecting materials and materials, the size of these defects should be avoided as far as possible to avoid, and depending on the circumstances, it cannot be avoided. Under special circumstances, the customer's consent can be used to process defective materials. If necessary, repair methods can be used to make up for these appearance defects, but the appearance of stone after repair can not affect the decorative effect of the mosaic.

Decorative marble

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