Sliding wire maintenance and troubleshooting

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In the normal use phase, the power supply trolley wire should periodically check the following relevant components:

1. Check the brush wear of the conductor in the conduit. Replace it if it has exceeded the normal wear length.

2, check the catheter (rail) joints, whether rust and loose. Whether the fixed value added, shift fork, etc. are loose.

3, check whether the catheter bending deformation.

4, remove the dust accumulated on the catheter, cleaning can not be used too much force to prevent damage to the plastic catheter.

5. In the case of brush grinding in the conductor, replace the brush immediately when the brush wears to a distance of less than 2 mm from its extreme projecting position.

6, check the wheel wear, the roller can ensure the correct position of the brush in the pipe up and down, excessive wear of the roller will also cause the brush to wear or continue to lose power.

Second, the touch line troubleshooting

Symptoms Causes of failure Causes Solutions Power failure phenomenon 1. Brush is climbing in the duct 2. The brush wear has exceeded the effective length 3. The duct joint is uneven 4. The single conductor 5. The rail connection is not good (loose)

1. Gently rock the conductor or conduit, check the wear of the conductive roller, replace the roller or the conductive device 2, replace the brush 3, reconnect the guide rail 4 as required, switch to the double conductive device 5, and tighten the guide rail to connect the bolt to the catheter. Caused by the conductor can not move 1, the local temperature of the environment is too high 2, the fixed clip spacing is too large or loose 3, the floating suspension clamp stuck pipe thermal expansion can not be extended 4, the lack of thermal expansion compensation section 1, the use of insulation panels, outdoor installation Sun visor 2, increase the shaping clip, and correct 3, adjust the floating suspension clip so that the conduit can be freely extended 4. Increase the thermal expansion compensation section (point)

When working, the tube shakes too much 1, the fork does not absorb the transmission error 2, the installation of the catheter straightness is not good 3, the fixing clamp loosens, the correction shift fork, increase their degrees, absorb the error link 2, correct the straightness of the catheter 3, Screws that fasten the clamps of fixed clamps wear too quickly 1. Joints are not evenly set 2. Current-carrying capacity is excessively large. Arc burns. 3. Spring pressure is too high. 1. Reconnect the guide rails as required 2. Increase the number of conductors 3. Reduce spring pressure brushes Scratches on the side and pits on the surface 1. The conductor is not well positioned in the catheter, the roller wears, the lateral force of the transfer fork is large, 2. The brush and the conduit are in bad contact and cause spark burns. 3. The current is too high. 1. The replacement fluid Replace the fork 2 with the wheel or the conductor, check the joint of the guide rail, make the surface smooth and smooth, make the area of ​​the brush and the guide rail contact 60-90%, increase the number of the conductor, make the conductor have more sound when sliding, the joint is uneven, and press the joint process Requirements, re-treatment of the conductive shell scratches 1, deformation of the catheter 2, the conductive position is not good 1, the size of the catheter opening, narrow, should be large slot or increase the set clip 2, replace the conductive roller

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