Scientists develop nanomaterials that combine both strength and toughness

Scientists develop nanomaterials that combine both strength and toughness

Scientists at the University of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA used the “electrospinning” method to produce this new kind of nanofiber material. It has both high strength and good toughness, and it has a wide range of applications in various manufacturing industries. .

According to foreign media reports, researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States have recently developed a nanofiber that can simultaneously have both strength and toughness. This is why engineers have long sincerely s material. This kind of nanofiber is a kind of macromolecule synthetic polymer that can be used to make light and flexible objects.

Generally speaking, the strength of a certain material does not mean that its toughness is also high. Finding materials with high strength and good toughness is a challenge to the manufacturing industry. This material is needed from the construction of bridges, the manufacture of bicycles, and the design of body armor.

In fact, in materials science, strength and toughness are usually two properties that are mutually exclusive. Good toughness materials often come at the expense of strength. Strength is an indicator of a material's ability to withstand, and toughness is an indicator of a material's ability to absorb energy. For example, for ceramic materials, although it can withstand a lot of pressure, it is easily broken! As for the rubber ball, although it can withstand high impact force, it can easily be flattened! This means that the rubber material has good toughness but its strength is not high.

Professor Yuris Dzenis of the School of Mechanical and Materials Science at the University of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and colleagues created this new type of nanomaterial that can combine both strength and toughness. The production of this material uses a method called "electrospinning" which requires applying a very high electric field to the polymer solution. The jet is turbulent and unstable under the action of a high electric field, resulting in extremely high frequencies. Irregularity spiral movement. In high-speed oscillations, the jets are rapidly attenuated and the solvent quickly evaporates, eventually forming fibers of nanometer diameter. (Compiled: Double Helix)

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