Prickly pear maintenance skills

Prickly pears are easy to raise and protect, heat and drought tolerance, and become the first choice for family flowers. They are not only beautiful, clean, but also do not take too much time to care for insects and remove leaves. As long as they are properly maintained, they not only grow fast, but also have bright and blooming flowers. How to cultivate the prickly pear, what is important for breeding, here is a brief introduction to the cultivation method of the prickly pear: The cultivation of the prickly pear should pay attention to the eight major issues. If these eight major things are done, the prickly pear will grow very well, including: temperature, light, potting soil. , planting, changing pots, watering, fertilizing and pest protection.

First, the temperature: Xianling ball like high temperature, dry environment, winter room temperature should be kept above 20 °C during the day, night temperature is not lower than 10 °C. Too low a temperature can easily cause root rot.

Second, the light: the prickly pear requires plenty of sunshine, but in the summer can not be glare, need to properly shade. Indoor cultivation, can be illuminated by light to make it grow stronger.

3. Potting soil: Potted prickly pears are required to drain, have good permeability, and contain calcareous sand (or sandy loam). You can use 2 parts of loam and humus soil, 3 parts of coarse sand, and add limestone gravel or old buildings to be discarded. The mixture of 1 piece of lime limestone is prepared by mixing 1 part of loam and coarse sand, 1 part of broken brick, humus soil and ash wall dust. When planting, it should be padded with a small amount of bricks and tiles at the bottom of the basin to make the drainage smooth.

Fourth, planting: planting the basin is best carried out in the early spring, the flower pot should not be too large, in order to accommodate the sphere and a slight gap is appropriate. If the flower pot is too large, it will not be absorbed after pouring enough water, and the air in the basin will be blocked, which will easily make the roots rot. A small number of straight root types and bird feather jade, giant elephant ball, etc. require deeper pots. Lighter common flower pots can be used for lighter roots such as silver hair balls and descendant balls.

V. Method of changing pots: When changing pots, some old roots should be cut off. After drying for 4-5 days, planting in pots should not be too deep. It is better to keep the roots of the spheres level with the soil surface. In order to avoid causing rotten roots, the newly planted prickly pears should not be watered. It only needs to be sprayed 2-3 times a day. After half a month, a small amount of water can be watered. After one month, new roots can grow to gradually increase watering.

6. Watering: Summer is the growth period of the prickly pear. The temperature is high and the water demand is large. It must be fully watered. It should be carried out when the temperature is low in the morning and evening. It is hot at noon, and watering can easily cause ball burns. In the hot rainy season, watering should be properly controlled. For those cactus balls that are sunken at the top, be careful not to pour water into the depressions to avoid rot, and pay more attention to watering in the evening.

During the winter dormancy, watering should be controlled to keep the basin soil from drying out. The lower the temperature, the more the basin should be kept dry. Adult big balls are more drought-tolerant than small ones. Watering in winter should be done on a sunny morning. As the temperature rises, the plants will gradually fall out of dormancy, and the number of watering and the amount of watering will gradually increase.

VII. Fertilization: Potted prickly pears can also be fertilized properly during the growing season, especially when grafted with three-sided arrows. Fertilizer should be paid more attention to. The fertilizer can be applied with a fully decomposed thin liquid fertilizer every 10-15 days. Pay attention to the control of fertilizer and water after entering the autumn. Generally, it can be applied once a month until the first ten days of October. If you do not control the fertilizer. Let the prickly pears continue to grow, the soft spheres are vulnerable to freezing when wintering. When applying fertilizer, be careful not to get on the ball. If it is stained with water, spray it with water.

Eight, pest control: In high temperature, poor ventilation, prone to pests and diseases. The disease can be sprayed with carbendazim or thiophanate; the insect can be sprayed with leuca to kill. No matter which kind of liquid is sprayed, it should be carried out outdoors.

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