My "three mills" complex

Abstract I am a new employee who joined the company in 2012. Although I have been working for more than half a year, I am reminded of the fact that I am connected with the "Three Mills", and my heart is still difficult to calm down. In 2004, I was full of resentment. I came to Henan University of Technology. I was not willing to read a college. The specialty is ordinary abrasive grinding...
I am a new employee who entered the office in 2012. Although I have been working for more than half a year, I am reminded of the fact that I am connected with the "Three Mills", and my heart is still difficult to calm down.

In 2004, I was full of resentment. I came to Henan University of Technology and I was not willing to read a junior college. The specialty is the manufacture of ordinary abrasives. Since then, I have had a relationship with abrasives. When I first chose this major, I just saw that the school’s enrollment brochure said “specialized specialty” and “industry only”. In fact, I don’t know what the “abrasives” are.

Going to college is not my wish. Because, I don’t believe that my strength is “only equipped” to read a college. From the beginning of the semester, I was trapped in a kind of loss, depression, and sorrow. Every day, I was languid and my homework was done. Not long after, the teacher in charge of the class saw my abnormality and called me to the office. In the face of the teacher's concern, I lost my voice and said reluctantly: I am not willing! When I learned the original reason, the teacher did not blame me. Instead, I cordially advised me: "There is nothing to read a college. It will be the same after graduation." I heard this sentence, I seem to see hope, I can’t help but surprise. Q: Really? The teacher gave me a positive smile. Of course, I later learned that college graduates can't immediately take a postgraduate exam, but I have to wait two years after graduation, but my life has a goal and energy. This is the first reason why I chose to take a postgraduate degree.

Freshman, I haven't touched the professional class yet. I am still completely unfamiliar with the abrasives. When I talk about my profession to others, I have to entangle myself in the "grinding" and "model" for a long time, but ask what is "abrasive". I scratched my head again. "It’s like a sharpening stone." The mouth is vague and my heart is confused. In the first semester of the sophomore year, there was a half-month professional internship. The school organized an internship with Baige, Sanmao, Luo Nai and Luo Dao. This time, it finally had "intimate contact" with the abrasive grinding, Qian Huwan Call to see "real body"!

In the white pigeon, she was deeply shocked by her "big" and "broken". In the production workshop, people can still feel the prosperity of the past, abandoned factories and railways, but it is also very embarrassing. In the fixed abrasive workshop, I saw the legendary "grinding wheel" on the shelf. The students seemed to see the baby, surrounded by three layers and three layers, looking at these white, red, black, and green. Something, everyone talked endlessly, and the restless classmates couldn’t help but touch these lovely wheels with their fingers. At this time, a middle-aged person who looks like a leader came to stop, with a twilight, shouting loudly: "Where are you leading the teacher?" Under his nose, the young female counselor who had just come to work in school did not raise her hand: " I'm……". Later, we were driven out and then wandered around the huge Ersha factory area until the legs were soft.

After that, it is to the "mysterious" Sanmao. To say that she is "mysterious" is for her many glorious titles: the only comprehensive research and development institution in the abrasives industry, the first research institute directly under the Ministry of Machinery Industry, the first diamond, the birthplace of CBN, the national abrasive mill. With the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the China Machine Tool Industry Association Superhard Materials Branch, the National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee, etc., to be honest, it is somewhat shocked, plus the ubiquitous textbook "Zhengzhou Abrasives Abrasives" The Institute of Cutting (a lot of professional textbooks compiled by experts from Sanmao), I can't help but imagine what the "authoritative" unit of this abrasive tool is. With such expectations, the next day, with excitement, embarked on the fertile soil of this abrasive tool. The Sanmao (old house) in memory, the building is cramped, the trees are lush, and under the guidance of the explainers, the seven turns and the eight turns are in the small workshops, and there is no space for the pigeons. Finally came to the front of a six-sided top press, said: This is a meritorious press, the first diamond is synthesized with it. When I heard this, the reverence of my heart came to life and stood below. It was like sacredness to see the national flag. It was called a "heart tide." Later, I came to the diamond synthesis workshop. The workshop master was very funny and humorous. The interesting and interesting explanation made the students especially curious: Can this big pier be able to synthesize "diamonds"? Under the strong request of the students, the master readily agreed to demonstrate. After a series of pressurization, warming, pressure holding, and heat preservation, finally, a thin black cylinder appeared in front of us. The worker's master pointed to the small particles of golden light and said: This is diamond. At that time, my mood was: magical, amazing, so that graphite became a precious diamond. How much does it cost? Therefore, the impression of the three mills is a little more magical. Seven years later, I came to work in the office and was surprised to find that the master and I were in a department. For seven years, time had wiped out the appearance of the memory, but when I met, everything was as vivid as yesterday. Of course, these are the words.

This is my first time in personal contact with the grinding wheel. I entered the Sanmao Station for the first time. Since then, the abstract "abrasives" have a specific shape and color, and I have begun to yearn for the industry's authority, "Sanmao". And oh. Yes, late summer 2005.

Soon, three years of college education is coming to an end, and the students have found a job and will soon go to various fronts in the industry: Suzhou Far East, Saint-Gobain, Sisha Taiyi, Mitsubishi... but the three mills in the hope did not come. At that time, the students of abrasives and abrasives had such a consensus: Sanmao is the best unit in the industry! Therefore, to go to Sanmao, this became the biggest wish of professional learners, but... Later, I came to Yangzhou’s a thorough enterprise with the certificate of “excellent graduate”.

Work and school are really different. While studying at school, the teacher taught the knowledge related to abrasives and abrasives. The students did not know which ones would be used in the work and which ones had little to do. Therefore, when they were in school, they often learned to be inseparable and not to be refined. When I was working, I thought of the textbook again, and I took the initiative to understand what I had learned before and after, but I learned it thoroughly.

Constantly learning, and new problems emerged, and it was discovered that the world of abrasives was so vast and colorful. Gradually, as others resigned and changed careers, I became more and more passionate about abrasives. I did my favorite job. At that time, my daily life was very fulfilling and full of passion. However, I also felt more and more that my strength was not enough. Abrasives, although a small industry, need to use multidisciplinary knowledge such as materials science, tribology, heat conduction, etc., their knowledge is too shallow and too narrow, and the company's products still use technology one or two decades ago. Here, I don't have access to advanced technology, and I can't keep up with the tide of the industry. At this time, the thoughts of the postgraduate examinations were surging in my heart. Enhance yourself and then go to work at Sanmao! This is the second reason for my postgraduate study.

After graduating from a junior college, I hoped that the Sanmao was purely for a good job. However, at this time, I have a responsibility and a goal hidden in my heart: I want to be the best grinding wheel in the world! I have used abrasives as a lifelong career, and I have worked hard for it. It was such a simple but ambitious goal that spurred me, defeated the difficulties and obstacles, and returned to the campus. With this persistence and conviction, I opened the door of Sanmao.

It has been nearly nine years since 2004. These nine years are the difficulties that our Sanmao experienced in the late 1990s and the nine years of rejuvenation. As a newcomer to the unit, I would like to say: Sanmao, you have had the brilliance and pain, I know but can't share it together. In your future development journey, I will do my best and work with Sanmao colleagues to rebuild the three mills. A new chapter, making its due contribution to the development of China's abrasives industry!

2013 is a special year. 55 years ago, our Sanmao carried the mission of breaking the blockade of Western diamond synthesis technology. Under the efforts of the older generation Sanmao people, the abrasive industry of the motherland has developed and expanded unprecedentedly. Today China has become an abrasive mill. Have a big country. In 2013, it was another crucial year for the start of SINOMACH. Sanmao, Ersha, Zhongmo, and strong alliances will surely lead China to move forward on the road of abrasives and strong countries!

Product name:Carbon Steel Wire



DIN 17223-1 Round Steel Wire for springs

DIN EN 10270-1 Steel Wire for Mechanical Springs

GB 3206-82 Carbon Constructional Quality Steel Wire

JIS G 3521-1991 Hard Drawn Steel Wire

GB 4357-89 Carbon Spring Steel Wire

YB/T 5220-93 Carbon Steel Wire For Non-Mechanical Springs

YB/T 5032-2006 Mild Steel Wire for Important Purposes.

ASTM A853-04 Standard Specification for steel wire, carbon, for General Use.

ASTM A227 Steel Wire, Cold-Drawn For Mechanical Springs


Material: SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1010, Q195, Q235, 30#, 35#, 30Mn, 40#, 42A,SWRH 42B, 45#, 50#, 55#, 30MnSi, 62A,62B, 60, 65, 65Mn, 70, 75,72A, 72B, 77A, 77B, 80,82A, 82B

Diameter: 0.20mm-12.50mm

chemical composition

Usages: Mechanical Equipment, Engineering Vehicle, Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle, Accumulator Car, Bicycle, Fitness Equipment, Elevator, Steel Wire Screen, Mattress And Sofa, Umbrella Frame, Electronic Products, Motorcycle Spokes, Bicycle Spokes, Umbrella frame, ect.


Spring Usages: compression spring, torsion spring, extension spring, agricultural machines, die springs, strip & wire forming springs.

Carbon Steel Wire

Carbon Steel Wire,High Carbon Steel Wire,Cold Drawn Steel Wire,Black Steel Wire