How to prevent cucumber powdery mildew in open field

In the Dongchangfu District of the city, there are many vegetable farmers who cultivated open-surface cucumbers. The cucumbers that were planted in the open field last year were very serious, especially cucumber powdery mildew. Because the prevention and treatment did not lead to the reduction of production, I wonder if there is any good way to prevent it. This disease? China Pesticide Network Xiaobian for your analysis:
Cucumber suffers from powdery mildew during the low temperature period in summer. If the air humidity is high and the light is insufficient, the rate of powdery mildew can reach 50%. In addition, in addition to powdery mildew, there are often diseases that farmers do not know, such as powdery mildew and bacterial round spot disease, which are all leaf spot, but the bacterial round spot disease prevention and treatment drugs are different from other leaf spot diseases. However, this disease has a tendency to spread in recent years. Therefore, after leaf spot disease occurs in cucumber, the leaf back should be examined first. If there is a grease-like clear film on the back of the leaf, it should be judged to be a bacterial disease.
Cucumber powdery mildew prevention and treatment drugs should change the traditional way of using pesticides , change the new drugs such as pre-injection prevention 27% high-fat film 80 times liquid, the initial stage of the disease with 2% agricultural anti- (120) 200 times liquid, polyoxygen 600 times liquid, Foliar spray was applied to 10% Shigao water dispersant 1500 times.

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