How to distinguish the characteristics of electric pressure cooker pressure cooker

In our lives, naturally, kitchen electric products, electric pressure cooker pressure cookers are two products, I believe that every household has to use, then how do they distinguish? Next, let's take a good look at what's the difference between them!

Electric pressure cooker pressure cooker difference 1, safety

This is very important because it gives people a feeling of being unsafe and dangerous for pressure vessels, but the safety of electric pressure cookers is quite high. Because most electric pressure cookers on the market today use a floating seal structure in which the inner pot and the lid are separated from each other, it is most critical to automatically relieve the pressure when an overpressure or the like is encountered.

And in the control of the use of pressure control, temperature control and other aspects of control technology, can automatically achieve the pressure control range, so that security has been guaranteed; 2 has a fast and automatic cooking function. Because the electric pressure cooker can automatically implement cooking programs according to different foods and at different times, it is not necessary to take care of people and reduce people's labor burden.

Electric pressure cooker pressure cooker difference 2, energy saving

Because the electric pressure cooker is time-controlled and pressure-bearing, its energy consumption is less than other pots and its efficiency is higher. It is a veritable energy-saving product. Because the electric pressure cooker is in a sealed state during work, with certain pressure, things are basically isolated from the outside air, and the slow loss of temperature makes the cooking time of the food greatly reduced.

The setting of the hot air pressure on the side of the autoclave increases the cooking time period, resulting in more energy loss. In addition, the source of thermal energy for electric pressure cookers is electricity. The source of heat energy for autoclaves is natural gas. Relatively speaking, natural gas is heated during the combustion process. Not all natural gas that is combusted can provide the upper heat source, but only part of it can be supplied. It was almost wasted in the combustion process, it did not exert its effect on the heating of food, but the electricity was different. When the electric pressure cooker was used to heat almost all the electric energy can be used, and the maximum performance was achieved. Its obvious advantages in energy saving.

Pressure cooker pressure cooker difference 3, nutritional value

Electric pressure cooker has a little rice cooker, when cooking is completely sealed, nutrition is not easy to lose, and the pressure cooker designed exhaust settings, in the process of exhaust, nutrition along with water vapor was drained away, not easy to save The nutritional value of the original food.

The above is the relevant content of the electric pressure cooker pressure cooker , I hope to help you, more decoration information, all in this site, so stay tuned.

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