How do you distinguish between gold and teak beds?

From the wood science point of view, teak belongs to the ring hole to the half ring hole material, the heart material is yellowish brown or brown, and the darkness is dark brown for a long time, which is distinct from the sapwood, and its sapwood is light yellow. The growth wheel is obvious, the early material tube hole is obvious under the naked eye, and there is an invading body inside; under the magnifying glass, the late material tube hole, the wood ray and the tubular or wheel-shaped axial thin-walled tissue can be seen. The wood has luster, no special smell and taste, texture is straight or slightly staggered, the structure is medium to thick, uneven; medium weight, small shrinkage after drying, low strength to medium, but easy to dry, and stable after drying; very resistant Corrosion, can resist the harm of marine drilling wood animals; wood is not easily invaded by other chemical liquids, has good corrosion resistance to various chemicals, sawing, planing, etc. is generally easier to process, glue, paint and Good waxing performance and good nail holding power.

The color of the gold silk teak bed:

In short, teak has a good color, beautiful texture, stable material, easy processing and anti-corrosion resistance. It is indeed an excellent wood for the production of high-grade furniture. The gold silk teak bed that is made out should also be relatively tall.

Gold silk teak bed price:

Due to the long growth cycle of teak, the world's cultivated area is not wide and people's traditional habits, the price of teak is more expensive. At present, the superior wood is more than 10,000 yuan per cubic meter, which is more expensive than rosewood. Therefore, the gold silk teak bed wants to distinguish between true and false, first of all you have to know that the price of gold silk teak bed is very expensive.

Wood imitation gold silk teak bed:

The price is expensive, there must be counterfeiting. The most successful teak in recent years is the American-made Magnolia. Dameidoudou is a tree species of the genus Mycorrhizal, a genus of the genus Leguminosae, which is produced in West Africa and Central Africa. Its heartwood is yellowish brown or brown, shiny, no special smell and taste, the texture is slightly oblique to staggered, the wood is medium or medium to high, very resistant to corrosion and smashing, and easy to glue. Many of the features and advantages are similar to teak, so it can be pretending to be teak, but its price is almost half that of teak. Therefore, it is better to have a professional presence when choosing a gold teak bed.


Wood experts help you identify the difference between gold silk teak counterfeits and authentic products:

Of course, in the eyes of the wood scientist, it is still clear that the big yam and the teak are different: the big yam is a loose hole material, the axial thin-walled structure is a ring-shaped tube, the growth wheel is not obvious, because the wood contains a single Ning, in contact with iron under wet conditions, there is a tendency to rust. Unfortunately, these characteristics are generally difficult for consumers to grasp, plus the counterfeiters also claim to be African teak, and do not compete with Thai pomelo and Burmese pomelo, naturally deceived many people.

The most used wood for counterfeit teak is the black-skinned lotus, which is a tree species of the genus Magnolia in Southeast Asia. The furniture and flooring that were called “Golden Pomelo” and “Golden Teak” on the market in the previous period were such black-rooted Mulberry, which was not teak at all, and its price was more than 3,000 yuan per cubic meter. Recently, a "plaque teak" appeared. After careful investigation, it was originally a small shoe made of peas in Africa. It belongs to the genus Mycoaceae, which is a yellow-brown with deep and thin strips. Similar to teak, it became a good prop for fake teak.

At the same time, there are also a class of legumes of the genus S. sylvestris in South America, Suriname, etc., which are also pretending to be teak, claiming to be "South American teak." These two types of counterfeit goods are only between 1,500 and 3,000 yuan per cubic meter, which is far from the price of teak.

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