How can I buy quality curtain fabrics?

In home decoration, fabrics such as curtains and bedding are indispensable, but few people pay attention to the environmental indicators of these "small objects". In order to improve the wrinkle resistance and fire resistance of these fabrics, many manufacturers add auxiliary components such as resins to the fabric. In the later stages of printing and dyeing, it is also necessary to add a variety of dyes, auxiliaries, finishing agents, many of which contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. If these formaldehyde-containing components are left behind, they may release formaldehyde into the air and cause pollution to the indoor environment.

For those houses with floor-to-ceiling windows and viewing windows, the amount of curtain fabric is actually quite large. This is why some home decoration pays special attention to pollution control, but after all the renovations are completed, it will be found that the indoor formaldehyde is excessive. One of the reasons.

How can I buy quality curtain fabrics when decorating a new home?

In the curtain fabric area of ​​the Red Star·May Kailong Zhengzhou shopping mall building materials store, Xu Caihui, a designer of the fish curtains, said that the quality of the famous curtain fabric brands is very reliable, and there are strict quality certifications in production, and low-end curtains may indeed be environmentally friendly. Aspects of the problem. “If the curtains emit pungent odor, it indicates that there may be formaldehyde residue. It is best not to buy such curtains. When choosing colors, try to choose light-colored products, so the risk of formaldehyde and dyeing fastness is small. a lot of".

Ma Li, the general agent of Mercure's fabrics in Henan, also suggested that curtains and other fabric products should not be used immediately after buying them. It is best to soak them in clear water first, then hang them in a ventilated place to dry naturally, so that the fabrics can be fully removed. Bad ingredients. Longfa decoration designer Song Lei said that if there are many windows in the room, you can choose curtains of different materials, such as bamboo curtains and venetian blinds, without destroying the overall decoration style. Fabric curtains are not the only choice for home decoration. .

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