Heavenly floor lock is more than just a lock

Why is it that the " Tiandao brand rolling door anti-theft floor lock " is more than just a lock?

First of all, its vitality lies in the flexibility of value matching. Depending on the user's needs, it can realize the anti-theft subjectively and intuitively solve the misunderstanding of the anti-theft concept of the store. When it comes to shop anti-theft, most of the answers are: "The store has equipment monitoring " , "The store has an alarm " , "The store has a connection alarm center " , "There is property insurance ", etc. These have their meanings, but All the losses have already occurred. The thieves have entered the store and committed crimes. The property loss is a fact. Even if there is a surveillance video, after watching the video, I can only regret the sigh and how can it be? Do you want to wait for the insurance company to make a refusal? Even if it is also a sigh of helplessness after ten claims and nine shortfalls, it is difficult to go on a long road of litigation ...

In summary, the Tiandao brand rolling door anti-theft floor lock itself has three defenses in one, with the mechanical floor lock as the premise of active prevention. It can not be ignored that the Tiandao is equipped with a super B -class lock cylinder, without a hard lock cylinder, the lock body The flood control is also in vain, which effectively increases the difficulty and time for the thieves to enter the store. It is also the primary value point of the product, that is, the “ material defense ” , the process of committing the crime (not entering the store) triggers the electronic alarm product (starting the on-site alarm or The telephone informs the customer) that it is " technical defense " and what is " human defense " ? We do not advocate the store to arrange human shields (on duty personnel) in combination with social reality. We understand it as a tool to open the store door " key " and " remote control " separately, that is, " anti-outer " and " inside " (smart products can also Query the detailed operation information of the remote control), so the rejection of thieves outside the door is the fundamental and meaning of theft prevention;

Why is it marketable for sustainable development and sustainable operation?

"Tiandao brand rolling gate anti-theft floor lock" TDS-33 series models have "system" functions, such as: the lowest-end TDS-3380 wireless remote-controlled field alarm type products, but also a set of anti-theft network that can prevent 20 zones "For example, if the customer installs directly, the customer will say that the shutter is now despising, what if the thief comes in from the window? etc.... With the customer's need, you can upgrade to open the window alarm, open the Drawer, cut the door into the alarm, gas leakage, excessive smoke concentration alarm, etc., just like a small investment can build a 20-floor foundation, the lowest-end model features are the same Powerful, not to mention the "Tiandao floor lock" can be continuously upgraded to dial-up alarm, SMS alarm without any changes, and with different upgrades, the intelligence is also extended to different compatibility, such as: increase to 99 zones, remote site monitoring, and even the linkage alarm center that is compatible with the “Andingbao” Contact ID protocol... Speaking of this, if you still use it as a set of locks to use or bring to market? You still don't feel its sustainability, then you better give up on this project, because "Tiandao brand rolling gate anti-theft floor lock" is a whole anti-theft solution is not a set of locks.

We advocate "new concepts lead to new thinking, new positioning to open the big market"!

  "Tiandao brand electric shutter door intelligent power-off floor lock" TDS-55 series models set off the domestic financial system have ordered the social background!

September 20, 2010 An enthusiastic mass drinker reported to the hotline that a bank door in Xianning Middle Road in Xi'an was smashed and the bank may be stolen. According to Ms. Wang said this was about 40 minutes around 7:00 am, she was just in front of the bank after this, the bank saw the door was open, outside the gate volume seems to be broken into the same. Then a patrol car of a patrolman drove over. After the patrolman saw the situation, he called " 110” After reporting the police, the multi-party investigation found that the electric shutter door was originally raised by himself.    ( http:// )    

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, electric roller shutter doors are quietly replacing the original manual rolling shutters because they can be remotely lifted and lowered.

When there are products with high technology content or good anti-theft performance in the market, some business wise people who have high chances of grasping the opportunity will quickly recommend it to the “noble” (state-owned enterprise) in the store. Enjoy, although there are "aristocrats" who can afford to spend money, but they are also inseparable from those who have become the "noble" managers after the big waves, and naturally we can simply understand the "noble" and the choice of the wise. The product will inevitably not go there, and it must be defined by its necessity. Therefore, the use of society in a quiet way is also a natural law.

The so-called advantages have its drawbacks. With the popularity of electric rolling shutters, the nobles have discovered its drawbacks. That is, the remote control is radio-transmitted, and sometimes it will be interfered by external electromagnetic signals, and it will receive garbled characters and easily malfunction. It is the electromagnetic wave interference under normal circumstances, and there is a report that we have seen before. What if you have a person who will copy or detect or copy it remotely? Moreover, the electric roller shutter door is only convenient to use. The market generally misunderstands that the electric roller shutter door can't be picked up, but I don't want to think about how to open the door when the power is cut off. It is not just called the roller shutter repairman to pick up the door and put a few bricks on it. , climb in and use the zipper to raise the door, reflect, can the thieves not enter this way?

"Tiandao brand electric shutter door intelligent power-off floor lock" TDS-55 series models are automatically locked when the double hook is closed without the key, and the power of the rolling door motor is cut off while locking, so that the remote control can not be controlled, when opening the door, Just use the key to rotate 90° to open the lock. At this time, the electric door motor will automatically turn on the power. At this time, the remote control can raise the door as usual, which not only effectively prevents the door but also eliminates the drawbacks of the above remote control. It can also realize the new concept of "human defense" management.

Above, if you can really understand the "business opportunities", I think you should know why everyone always says "choice is more important than hard work"? However, after all, the first Bucket of the prophetic mind is always in the hands of the "wise man" and "huier", but at least contact and understand the above analysis of "Tiandao brand series floor lock", you are not simple Think of it as a lock to understand or promote, this can always be done!

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