HD surveillance leads to a new wave of financial security upgrades

HD surveillance leads to a new wave of financial security upgrades The modern banking technology prevention and control system, which is based on analog video surveillance systems, has gradually entered a bottleneck after nearly 20 years of development. With the development of the financial system, financial security today is facing more and more problems. At present, the analog cameras used by banks are basically 540-line, 650-line, or even 700-line analog high-line products. However, these products cannot always be compared with the one million HD performance of IP cameras in terms of resolution. IP High-definition cameras have a qualitative leap in comparison to analog cameras. This article will mainly focus on the development advantages of IP high-definition monitoring in the field of financial security.

In recent years, the development trend of IP high-definition surveillance on the domestic market has been quite strong. Regarding the topic of the large-scale application of IP high-definition cameras in the banking field, various manufacturers and related media also express their opinions. However, with the gradual resolution of network bandwidth, storage, cost, and other issues, as well as the actions taken by the head office of banks to IP high-definition cameras, we can clearly see that the networked and high-definition applications of the security monitoring industry have sailed in the financial banking industry. set sail!

With the extensive trials of IP high-definition cameras in various banks, as well as the actions of the head office, and the introduction of some local regulations, we have already seen that IP high-definition cameras have begun to sail in the financial banking industry! At the same time, we also have reason to believe that in the next two years, IP high-definition cameras will surely become mainstream in bank projects.

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