Four sources of indoor indoor pollutants

The sweltering weather that lasts every summer is uncomfortable, but even more headaches are the serious pollution of the indoor air. Studies have shown that when the indoor temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, the amount of toxic and harmful gases released indoors is the highest. When the temperature is high, the blood vessels of the human body expand and the viscosity of the blood increases. The elderly, patients, pregnant women, children and people with poor health have poor resistance and heat resistance, plus various chemicals in the indoor air. Invasion of sexual pollutants is more likely to cause harm to the human body and exacerbate the symptoms of cardiovascular patients. According to reports, the indoor environmental pollutants in summer mainly have the following four aspects:

First, the indoor environment caused by decoration and furniture is formaldehyde pollution. Due to the high temperature of formaldehyde, the release amount will increase greatly. The boiling point of formaldehyde is 19 °C. People often do not feel the presence of pollutants during the autumn and winter decoration. In the summer, they will feel a big smell.

Second, ammonia pollution caused by concrete antifreeze caused by construction work in winter. Although the country has banned the use of concrete antifreeze containing ammonia gas, the ammonia gas in the building containing ammonia gas has been continuously released, especially in the summer high temperature season, the smell is particularly large.

Third, the biological pollution inside the air conditioner. The interior of the air conditioner is a dark and humid environment, which is suitable for the growth and reproduction of aphids, molds, viruses, and "legionella". They are concealed in the air conditioner and continuously enter the indoor air through the circulating airflow, which is dispersed in every corner of the room, causing people to get flu, tonsillitis, pneumonia and the like.

Fourth, indoor environment odor pollution. Environmental experts believe that the odor pollution caused by indoor insecticides, chemical products, plastic products, toilets and kitchens is more prominent in summer, although the smell may not be harmful to the human body, but because people have long been in the interior of bad smells Environmental pollution can be unbearable, and even cause problems such as vomiting and headaches, and induce various chronic diseases.

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