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According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security Fire Department:

From January to October this year , a total of 219,000 fires were reported to the nation , 1065 people were killed, 679 were injured, and nuclear direct property losses were 2.62 billion yuan, which was a decrease of 21.3% , 17.7% , 29.9%, and 24.7% compared with the same period of last year. .

In the first 10 months of this year , the national fire situation showed the following characteristics:

From the regional distribution

Among the total number of fires in the country, the eastern part accounted for 35.7% of the total , followed by the highest proportion; followed by the west, accounting for 30.2% ; once again, the central part accounted for 20.8% ; the smallest proportion was the northeastern region, accounting for 13.3% . The number of fires decreased from the same period of last year.

From the fire site

Residential fires are relatively frequent, with the highest number of casualties. There were 95,000 fires in various types of homes , 23,000 vehicles fires , and 17,000 people-intensive fires .

From the distribution of urban and rural areas

The proportion of urban fires is relatively small, and the rate of deaths from rural fires is high. 65000 from the city fire; the county town from fire 69000; 70,000 from the rural fire; other regional fire 11000 from.

From the cause of the fire

Electrical is the primary cause of fire and is caused by careless fire. A total of 74,000 fires were caused by electrical fires , causing 370 deaths and 226 injuries. The direct property loss was 1.12 billion yuan. Second, there were 44,000 fires caused by careless use of fire .

From the total amount of police

The total number of police officers has decreased compared to the same period of last year. Rescue assistance accounted for the majority. In the first 10 months of fire fighting and rescue fighting, a total of five firefighters heroically sacrificed.


The fire is so frequent that it looks like it's hard to guard against. Really? In fact, knowing more about the fire will help prevent fires, reduce losses, and save lives!

Knowing yourself through the data is far from the fire

Multiple fires in winter and spring

An average of 879 per day


Be careful with the fire candle

Installation and use of electrical appliances

Must specification

Encounter a fire

Timely alarm

Four daily details

Improve the fire escape rate

These things caught fire

Do not kill with water

Firefield self-rescue

Note the four keys

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