Fiber spray lining without air tightness

Refractory fiber coating lining has the characteristics of light weight (bulk weight), which effectively reduces the load on the steel structure of the furnace. At the same time, the refractory fiber lining has a certain elasticity. Even if the steel structure produces a certain deformation, the refractory fiber coating lining will not Form larger cracks or even slits. It plays an active role in prolonging the service life of the furnace and prolonging the inspection cycle. Fire-resistant fiber coating lining has no seam tightness, and has strong anti-air flow shock and anti-vibration ability. When the refractory fiber spray lining is under construction, the loose fibers and the binding agent combine to form a three-dimensional network structure, effectively avoiding the directional shrinkage of the fiber products and the refractory bricks under high temperature, effectively reducing the temperature of the outer wall of the heating furnace, and solving the heating furnace The use of gas in the gas string problem, and the start of operation not only caused by flash explosion problem fundamentally solved. The refractory fiber coating lining has good elasticity and can resist strong shock wave, which can effectively avoid similar accidents. The refractory fiber spray lining is particularly suitable for lining construction of complex shaped furnace walls. For example, when furnace walls meet at the corners where the furnace tubes are densely popped, it is very difficult to use other materials for construction, and it is easy to form gaps and cause string leakage. The use of refractory fiber spray lining construction is very convenient and the effect is very satisfactory. The thermal conductivity of fire-resistant fiber coating lining is similar to that of other types of fire-resistant fiber lining. However, due to its good tightness, and the thermal insulation nail is buried in the fiber layer, there is no direct thermal bridge, so the heat loss of the furnace wall surface is relatively low. The other linings are smaller and effectively increase the thermal efficiency of the furnace. The refractory fiber spray lining has a smooth and smooth appearance and is easy to repair after damage.

Disperse Fluorescent Pink series include Disperse Fluorescent Pink Fbs(C.I. Red 362:1), Disperse Fluorescent Pink Bg (C.I. Red 362) and Disperse Fluorescent Pink Fe5B (C.I. Red 364) etc.

Disperse fluorescent red 362 is used for polyester dyeing, in polyester/cotton for bright blue, in man-made light is dark. Also used for triacetate dyeing. Thermofixation temperature range is from 220 to 230 ℃. And is suitable for high temperature and high pressure and thermosol dyeing. 

Disperse Fluorescent Pink

Disperse Fluorescent Pink,Disperse Fluorescent Pink Fbs,Disperse Fluorescent Pink Bg,Disperse Fluorescent Pink Fe5B