Don't fall into the misunderstanding of “no problem without taste”

After the renovation of the new house, do you feel that it doesn't smell much, you can stay in it? As everyone knows, the decoration is like throwing a wolf into the room. "Please God is easy to send God." Improper detection is entirely possible to turn the decoration into a disaster. According to data from the China Indoor Decoration Association Environmental Testing Center, the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution in the country is as high as 111,000 per year, about 304 per day, which is equivalent to the number of people killed in car accidents every day in the country.

Decoration pollution kills people invisible, and people often fall into the misunderstanding of “no problem without taste”, thinking that it is possible to identify formaldehyde and other pollutants simply by smell, and then wake up after the incident. Especially after entering the autumn, the house can't open the door for a long time, which is very likely to cause the indoor harmful gas concentration to increase and exceed the standard. In order to help the public to prevent decoration pollution, the Liaoning Provincial Engineering Quality Testing Center, an authoritative testing agency of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, provides professional testing services to civilian houses to solve indoor air problems.

Air pollution such as ghosts close to the killer need to be careful

After the renovation, indoor air pollution became a top priority. This intangible object, which is called "a personal killer at home", not only kills more than 300 people every day, but is also the number one enemy of teenagers, children and pregnant women.

"There are a lot of cases in the new home, the child has leukemia" and "the interior decoration victim is aborted." The cases are terrifying. Formaldehyde, hydrazine, benzene, ammonia, total volatile organic compounds... These indoor air pollutants are surrounded by Nearly half of the world's people cause diseases such as respiratory diseases, chronic lung diseases, bronchitis, bronchitis and lung cancer. All kinds of lessons remind people all the time, indoor testing is imperative, and must not be taken lightly.

The smell is not reliable and should not be lost due to small

At the moment, people usually fall into such a misunderstanding: indoors can rely on the smell to identify pollutants such as formaldehyde, as long as there is no smell in the house, it is safe. In fact, this is a fatal mistake.

For example, formaldehyde is a colorless irritating gas. If people feel obvious irritation, such as tearing, coughing and other adverse reactions, it means that formaldehyde has exceeded the standard multiple times. However, if the indoor formaldehyde content is slightly exceeded, even 2 to 3 times higher than the standard, the normal population is difficult to detect. At this time, it is completely "not reliable" to distinguish the pollution by the nose.

Measuring the concentration of formaldehyde and discriminating whether the indoor pollution exceeds the standard is extremely important for the safety of new homes. It is impossible to save money and effort for the moment and bring harm to the future.

Authorities to help bring health to the people

Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Engineering Quality Testing Center has launched indoor professional testing services for families in the Liaoning area to help the public stay away from indoor air pollution.

“Liaoning Provincial Engineering Quality Testing Center” is affiliated to the Liaoning Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The center is located in the Liaoning Provincial Academy of Construction Science and is a statutory professional testing and appraisal agency. Among them, the “decoration pollution detection laboratory” in the center is the first professional institution in the province to conduct pollutant detection for civil construction projects and decoration and decoration projects, and it is also the only provincial direct agency in the province to carry out decoration pollution detection for individual households. It is the highest arbitration and accreditation body in this field in the province.

This time, the Liaoning Provincial Engineering Quality Testing Center solved the problem of decoration pollution for the people at the price of the people. In October, the special price was introduced for the majority of Shencheng people. Authoritative institutions to detect, safe and secure, to prevent potential safety hazards, to bring green health to the family.

Acetate is divided into pharmaceutical grade, industrial grade and food grade.


Medicinal Potassium Acetate:

  • Molecular formula: CH3COOK
  • Molecular weight: 98.14
  • Properties: white crystal, multi particle or powder, deliquescence, soluble in water, acid and alcohol.
  • Uses: Mainly used in the production of penicillin potassium salt, can also be used as chemical reagents, preparation of anhydrous ethanol and industrial catalysts, additives, etc.

Pharmaceutical Sodium Acetate:
  • Molecular formula: CH3COONa
  • Molecular weight: 82.03
  • Properties: White powder, specific gravity 1.528, melting point 324 C, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, its aqueous solution is weak alkaline reaction.
  • Usage: Mainly used in the production of sodium penicillin salt. It can also be used for meat preservation and acid anhydride production. It can also be used as printing and dyeing auxiliaries and chemical reagents.

Pharmaceutical Zinc Acetate :
  • Molecular formula: (CH3COO) 2Zn? 2H2O
  • Molecular weight: 219.50
  • Properties: White flake or granular crystallization, soluble water and alcohol, its water solution is neutral or weak alkaline, easy to weathering, specific gravity 1.73, melting point 235 C.
  • Application: it can be used as pharmaceutical raw material, dyeing auxiliaries or synthetic catalysts.

Ammonium Acetate:
  • Molecular formula: CH3COONH4
  • Molecular weight: 77.08
  • Nature: white triangle crystal, easy to moisture solution, slightly acetic acid smell.
  • Uses: mainly used as pharmaceutical industry, and can also be used as analytical reagent, meat, preservatives, point plating industry.

Calcium Acetate, ammonium acetate, zinc acetate and other products are mainly used in food additives, and can be used as preservatives in food.

Acetate, such as manganese acetate and aluminum acetate, can be used as mordant in dyeing industry. Acetate has inhibitory effect on two glycols in polyester synthesis.


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