Domestic product oil price adjustment cycle shortened

Domestic product oil price adjustment cycle shortened The domestic oil price “has risen more or fell less” has become a law. According to statistics, since the implementation of the domestic refined oil pricing mechanism in 2009, domestic refined oil prices have been adjusted 17 times, of which 12 have risen and fell 5 times. Taking Beijing as an example, the price of 93 oil has risen from 5 yuan to over 8 yuan in 4 years. "Ups and downs" have become synonymous with domestic oil price adjustments. Of course, from the perspective of the trend of international oil prices is also rising, but there are also ups and downs, far from rising so many times, the number of times has fallen so little.

According to the existing price adjustment mechanism for refined oil, when the international oil price has a moving average rate of change of 4% for 22 working days in a row, the average is 3.9%, and it can only be blinked, and once it rises, the base will increase once. Caused by non-equivalence, the probability of rising high, and falling less chance. Such a mechanism has virtually become an umbrella that "rises more and less".

It is true that there are many crude oil imports in China. The trend of international oil prices has a great impact on domestic oil prices. It is necessary to adapt to international oil prices. However, domestic refined oil prices are not completely in line with international standards. International oil prices have risen, and oil giants are eager to International standards are "rising at a great speed", but when the international oil price falls, it is "the old cow pulls the broken car" and finds all kinds of excuses to delay, such as: the "loss" of the refining and refining, the cost rises, and the refinery cannot start normally. and many more. This kind of selective international integration is very easy to be the interests of the department.

The price adjustment mechanism is irrational because it takes a long time to maintain the price, and the average rate of change is set too high. Such a mechanism is not completely market-oriented. Insured prices have become protection, and there are irrational and unfair factors. Therefore, the price will inevitably rise. There is a preference, as the winner of the price increase can easily obtain a huge amount of interest, and the price increase party can only passively pay for it, and the consequence is that the price increase of refined oil is "The whole body is moving." All products that come to the oil side have to increase their costs and have to keep up.

"The price adjustment period for refined oil will be shortened from 22 working days to 10 working days, while the rate of increase and decrease of 4% will be cancelled." Although not necessarily the price of oil will be able to come down, the frequency of synchronization with international oil prices will increase and the timing will be more timely. Helping oil prices become more rational, the stable situation of “more or less losses” will also be shaken. However, in order to adjust the price of oil in the short term, we must also be open and transparent, and timely release information on international oil prices. In particular, price reductions must be followed in a timely manner. In this way, even if oil prices do not fall, they are more objective and fair.

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