Do a good job of waterproofing and ensure that everything is "wet"

Under normal circumstances, all the ground should be waterproof, and the walls are subject to availability.
Stainless steel and other hardware should be regularly nursed.
The joints of the window frame and the wall can be filled with gaps with polyurethane foam.

Decoration class

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Due to the use of counterfeit and shoddy waterproof materials and unscientific construction methods during the renovation, problems such as leakage on the walls of homes and other places often occurred, which caused many troubles for many owners. So, how can we avoid or reduce such problems? In fact, when it comes to waterproofing and dampproof work during renovation, the 'hidden crisis' of leakage at home can be easily lifted.

Kitchen waterproof

The kitchen and bathroom are the key areas for waterproofing the family. First, because these two spaces are frequently used by households for daily water use, there is often water accumulation. Second, these two spaces often have more pipes and are prone to leakage. Therefore, the construction requirements for kitchens and bathrooms are also more stringent. Under normal circumstances, all the ground should be waterproof, and the walls are subject to availability.

When waterproofing kitchens and bathrooms, try to select waterproof materials for well-known brands, and then use the correct construction techniques and paint them in strict accordance with the construction process. After waterproofing is completed, a 24-hour waterproof test must be performed. In addition, valves, faucets and other pipe fittings should be put on waterproof 'clothing', the tube should be painted anti-rust paint, dark pipe brush anti-corrosion paint, and ceramic sanitary ware, stainless steel and other hardware appliances should be carried out on a regular basis.

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Readers Ms. Zuo Zuo: There is water seepage in the wall of the back of my family bathroom. How can I solve it?

Guilin Guilin: There are two main causes of water seepage on the back wall of the wall. The first problem is the connection of the water supply pipe and the drainage pipe joint. For example, for the sake of beauty, the hot and cold water pipes will be buried in the wall during the decoration. If there is a problem in the connection of the water pipe joint, water leakage will cause the backwater wall to be wet. The second is that the waterproof treatment is not in place or the waterproof layer is damaged. To solve the problem of seepage of water on the back surface of the wall, we must first determine whether it is a leaking water pipe or a waterproof layer. If it is a water pipe leak, then you must plan to open the wall tile, find the joint of the pipe, find the leak, and then re-weld the joints, and then re-waterproof the surrounding; if it is a waterproof layer, the same problem Plane the wall tiles, and then apply the waterproof coating according to the actual situation. The height of the brushing must be higher than the height of the shower head. Finally, after the water test is performed, it is determined that the back surface is no longer seepage, and then it is re-paved. Wall tiles.

Terrace, balcony, windows waterproof

If water leaks from terraces, balconies and windows, it will cause a series of problems such as the loss of interior wall paint, moldy wallpaper, drums on the floor or tiles, damp damage to wardrobe appliances, and so on, causing serious economic losses and hidden dangers to the family. Therefore, it is also very important to do waterproofing work on terraces, balconies, and windows.

First of all, we must do a good job on the basics. Treat the base surface as sturdy, smooth, clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, etc., and other detritus material; if the base surface has voids, cracks, or inequality, it must be repaired and leveled with cement mortar beforehand, and ensure that the base surface is adequate. Wet, no clear water.

Second, choose the appropriate waterproof material according to different conditions. For example, for the parts where the window frame and the wall are combined, the gap can be filled with polyurethane foam, and then the outside of the window can be punctured and glued to do some structural weathering sealant treatment, so as to resist the deformation of the structure and experience the wind blow. Sun does not age, play the role of sealing and waterproof; for the flat surface of the balcony, you can use seamless waterproof coating, because the balcony area is small, but the internal angle, the angle and more drainage points, and seamless waterproof The integrity of the coating in the film formation process is relatively good, there is no seam, more suitable for small areas, small areas of waterproof.

Third, pay attention to waterproof construction and protection.

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Reader Mr. Wang: There was leakage of water in the house I rented before. Now that my new house is ready for renovation, I will pay more attention to the waterproofing of the house. Want to know how to choose the right waterproof material?

Guilin: Waterproof materials are generally divided into two major categories: waterproof membranes and waterproof coatings. The main construction area for household waterproofing is in kitchens, kitchens, balconies, etc. Due to the large number of structures such as pipe roots, inside corners, and angles in these parts, the structure is relatively complex, and the construction operation surface is small, which results in the construction of a waterproof membrane that is not easy to apply and the waterproof coating. In the filming process, the integrity is better, there is no seam, and it is more suitable for waterproofing in a small area and a small area. Therefore, ordinary home waterproofing is recommended to use waterproof paint. At present, more commonly used home improvement waterproof coating, according to the material is divided into polyurethane, acrylic, polymer cement (JS class) and waterproof mortar. Polyurethane coatings are known as 'liquid rubber' and are currently waterproof coatings with good properties. Their tough films have strong ability to adapt to deformation, resist various chemical corrosion, and have a long service life. However, the drying speed is slow and the price is relatively low. High; acrylic paint is generally water-based paint, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and color retention are better, and has good extensibility, convenient construction, moderate price; JS paint is generally a two-component water-based paint , It is a kind of rigid and soft waterproof coating, has excellent strength and good tensile properties, can well adapt to the deformation of the grass-roots, drying speed, high cost performance; waterproof mortar is generally a two-component water-based paint, is rigid The paint is economical and practical. The facade can be directly glued when it is applied. It does not need to be coated with a flexible coating to save time. As for what kind of waterproof coating to choose, it depends on individual circumstances.
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