China's footwear industry "black horse" to the world market

Opening words

You know or don't know that they all come to Henan Foxconn Group, Baocheng Group, and the United States and Thailand toys.

You believe or not, they have or will have "Henan made" Reebok, UGG shoes, Nike, Adi's clothes, McDonald's toys and Barbie doll's skirts.

"Going to Henan" is becoming one of the best choices for internationally renowned business people.

They not only fancy Henan's land, labor, resources, and most simple sincerity, but also cast a confidence vote for “Made in Henan”. Although there are ups and downs, the “spirit of Henan” spiraling upward momentum, no one can change.

On behalf of industry and commerce, they are in a relatively low position in the global industrial value chain. They have a meager profit, but they are under the most severe quality pressure. The market's big players determine their judgment on product quality, industrial quality, and economic quality.

Since late March, our reporter has conducted multiple interviews in Zhoukou, Luoyang, and Zhengzhou, hoping to record the growth of Henan's processing trade in a walking manner and describe the “world brand, Henan quality”.

Needle Worker

One needle and one thread "sew" happiness

In Xikou County, Zhoukou City, Kai Hong Footwear, female sewing machine workshop Liu San Ni is famous, she is qualified, is the first batch of employees; the second is her dexterity, dry out fast and good, get a high salary.

Liu Sanni was originally a laid-off woman worker of a county enterprise. Before she went to work at Kaihong Footwear, she was doing a small business. In 2008, Taiwan businessman Xue Fuxiong invested and built a factory in Xihua County. After training, Liu Sanni became a shoe worker.

After returning from selling vendors to industrial workers, they can get 2,000 yuan each month. Liu Sanni cherishes and is very serious. Although she only participated in the sewing process, Liu Sanni was glad that the shoes she made could be sold in European and American markets. In the stitching process, she also sew the happiness of keeping her family in a good life.

In 2008, when Liu Sanyi chose to stay in Zhoukou for happiness, Guo Shujun chose to leave Taiwan and go north to the Central Plains.

After several visits to Xihua, Xue Fuxiong decided to invest in Xihua Kaihong footwear industry. Guo Shujun was infected with Xue's dream and followed him to start a business in Central China.

After three years, the development of Kaihong Footwear has been a boom: This year, seven production lines have all been put into production, and it is expected to complete exports of US$9.9 million.

The reporter saw in the workshop that, after rigorous quality inspection, a pair of fashionable dance shoes and thong sandals came down from the production line and went to shopping malls in Europe, America and Japan.

World Brand

"Reebok" "UGG" made from Fugou

In 2010, Guo Shujun took root and Lu Junxiong returned to the ancestral home to help his son's “Feng return to the nest”.

On March 8, 2010, Fugou Baochang Footwear Co., Ltd. invested by Taiwan Baocheng Group was established and Lu Junxiong became the general manager. The tone of the village has changed and the feeling has not changed. "My ancestral home was Fugou. My father went to Taiwan in 1949. What I can do now is to bring business to my hometown," Lu Junxiong said.

Taiwan Baocheng Group is the group with the largest turnover of global brand sports shoes and casual shoes. It designs, manufactures and manufactures 50 world-famous brands in the world including Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, etc., and averages 5 pairs of shoes in world-famous sports shoes. There is a pair it is made of.

Lu Junxiong’s desk is lined with pairs of Reebok sports shoes. In the standardized production workshop of Fugou Baochang, the slogan “Beyond the peak” can be seen everywhere.

So far last year, Fugou Baochang has built 8 molding production lines and 32 sewing machine production lines, first producing Reebok sports shoes, and this year it also started producing UGG snow boots.

Central shoes are

The 10-year target set by Zhoukou City

The earliest arrival of Kaihong Footwear and the “big head” Baogou Baochang, is just a profile of the Zhoukou footwear industry.

According to information provided by the Bureau of Commerce of Zhoukou City, there are footwear projects in seven counties and cities in Zhoukou City that are under construction or signed. Initially formed a footwear industry cluster led by Xihua Kaihong Footwear, Shangshui Qianghong Footwear, Fugou Baochang Footwear, and Lulu Xianglong Footwear. Shoes, shoes, shoes, and other parts of each other The supporting footwear industry chain is extending.

In the first four months of this year, Zhoukou Shoes exports 11.14 million US dollars. Last year, Zhoukou exported 3.51 million pairs of footwear products, with an export value of 30.13 million US dollars, an increase of 96.3% year-on-year, and its exports accounted for nearly 30% of the province's footwear exports.

In October last year, Zhoukou City was identified by the provincial government as "the shoemaking industry export base in Henan Province." Its goal is to strive to become a well-known and internationally influential “middle shoe capital” by 2020.

It is understood that at present, China has formed four shoemaking industrial bases in Dongguan, Guangdong, Quanzhou, Fujian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and Chengdu, Sichuan. Their output and exports account for almost 80% of the country's total. Zhoukou is trying hard to become one of the most important footwear industry bases in China.

own brand

"Nanpi Du" wants to build a quality image of Henan

Zhoukou has been the main producing area for goatskin and yellow cattle since ancient times. Historically, it was also known as Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, and the two major skins of China's north and south. Goat goatskin is an export-free inspection product, and many Italian branded leather shoes are produced from Zhoukou's leather.

Nowadays, leather processing represented by Henan Shoes City Leather Group and leather processing represented by Xiangcheng Dingji Leather Enterprise Group have great influence in the whole country and provide abundant raw hide resources for the footwear industry.

Zhoukou has the tradition and foundation of shoemaking. In the 90s of the last century, the "Chinese leather shoes king" match tide shoes had been extremely popular. For Zhoukou, the shoe-making industry that has now been transferred is only the processing of raw materials, OEM production, procurement of raw materials, product sales are two. In the early stages of development, the processing trade can quickly “promote” the Zhoukou footwear industry, but in the long run, Zhoukou Shoes Industry must rely on raw materials such as raw hides and labor to improve the industrial chain and create its own brand.

To build its own brand, establish a brand image, the quality of the product has become the key. Therefore, Zhoukou City put forward in its outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan: implementation of the "Quality Xingshi" project, and specifically to build a Henan Province Shoes Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Regardless of the world brand or its own brand, Zhoukou, the “dark horse” of the Chinese shoe industry, must show the quality of Henan.

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