Anti-shock socket makes you no longer worry about being shocked

Safety is the most concern in people's home life. In order to meet people's needs, anti-shock sockets have been launched on the market. This type of socket is very safe. Children are naughty. In order to avoid the danger of contacting the socket with metal, the anti-shock socket changes the defects of the traditional socket, and there will be no electric shock accident under the protection of the intelligent circuit of the anti-shock socket. So what are the characteristics of the anti-shock socket? What are the use methods and precautions of the anti-shock socket? In the following article, I will share with you on these issues and look forward to helping friends in need.

What are the characteristics of anti-electric shock socket

In the past, due to the imperfect technology of sockets, electric shock events often occurred, and with the advent of such sockets, it provided a barrier for people's safety. Once this kind of socket came out, it has been sought after by many owners. The characteristics of the anti-electric shock socket are:

1. Under the power-on state, if you touch any pole of the socket alone, you will not get an electric shock. Take care of the safety of family members, especially children.

2. The overload protection function can be restored to avoid the trouble of frequent replacement of fuses.

3. Ergonomic design, the plug groove is not easy to touch the metal sheet of the plug during the process of plugging and unplugging to avoid electric shock.

4. The shrapnel uses high-elastic phosphor copper, which is not fatigued after being inserted and removed for 100 million times.

5. The load-bearing power is large, to ensure that the wire does not heat when carrying 2500W.

6. The inner core uses high temperature resistant PC + ABS engineering plastics, and the high temperature 125 ℃ does not deform.

7. Good flame retardancy, the glow wire does not burn at 750 ℃.

8. Durable, free from the trouble of repeated purchases.

This is a new type of material, so it is slightly different from the old socket in use. For safety, it is recommended that you follow the instructions. Before you use it, please unplug the power cord and connect it to the 220V AC power grid. Press the overload protection switch on the side of the socket to the RESET position. The built-in indicator of the overload protection switch will light, indicating that the power plug has been powered on.

Some people have many electrical appliances , but few outlets. Everyone should be careful not to overload when using this type of socket. Generally, when an overload occurs, the power switch with overload protection function will be cut off. Please reduce the power used by the appliance and restart it to recover. In addition, when using the anti-shock socket, you should also avoid the sun, rain and pollution by corrosive gases and dusts. Do not use it in places with explosives and flammable gases and strong magnetic fields. Do not mix with water and other liquids. The substance comes into direct contact.

Precautions for anti-shock socket

Although this type of socket has the function of preventing electric shock, if it is used improperly, there may be potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is best to use it according to the instructions and pay attention to the following matters:

1. Don't use it in high places and places where it is easy to fall.

2. Do not use it in a humid and close to heat source environment to ensure the safe use of the product.

3. The total power of the electrical appliances connected to the socket shall not exceed 2500W.

4. Before use, loosen the bundled power cord to avoid electromagnetic induction and heat generation of the cord.

5. Do not plug or unplug the power plug with wet hands.

6. This product cannot be disassembled without permission. If you need service, please contact a qualified professional.

7. Before turning on the power supply, please turn off the load power switch.

8. The thermal overload protection switch with lamp has a certain temperature rise during use, which is normal.

9. Product improvement, technical upgrade, and technical parameter modification without prior notice.

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