Analysis: Types of pneumatic tools and scope of use

The shank rotation tool is used in a wide range of applications and is suitable for a variety of machining operations. Engraving, grinding and polishing are all-encompassing, especially the high-quality pen-shaped rotating tools, which have unique effects in the fine processing of molds, models and parts. With the corresponding shank grinding tool, the grinding and polishing wheel can be used to achieve the desired effect.
Elbow grinding machine: MY-740120 degree high speed pen type grinding machine MY-543L type rear exhaust pneumatic engraving machine.

The Elbow Rotating Tool is a multi-purpose grinding tool that combines the functions of a straight shank rotary machine with a disc polishing machine. It is generally used for inner hole machining and groove grinding. With the shank grinding wheel, the stalk polishing disc can be used to achieve the desired effect.

Disc Polishing Machine: The main purpose of the disc polishing machine is to grind and polish the surface of an object. Polished solder joints, surface roughness (paint finish), mirror finish, etc. The form of the disc polisher (high speed, low speed, eccentricity, non-eccentricity) is selected as needed. Solder spot grinding and rough surface grinding can be selected for high speed, non-eccentric models. The plane and the concave and convex surface are finely ground and polished, and the eccentric model with adjustable speed can be selected. For mirror finish polishing, you must choose a low-speed adjustable speed model. Commonly used grinding and polishing mills have abrasive cloth pieces, melon cloth pieces, wool balls, sponge balls and the like. Select the appropriate grinding and polishing consumables to achieve the desired effect.

Flat sander: Flat sander is abrasive cloth sandpaper. The main purpose is to polish the rough surface of the object, which is widely used in the metal and wood processing industry.

Belt Grinding and Polishing Machine: Belt Polishing Machine is a small hand belt polishing machine. It is mainly used for grinding solder joints, grinding inner cavity, deburring, chamfering and surface polishing. With the different thickness and thickness of the abrasive belt and consumables can achieve the required processing results.

Reciprocating Fender: The reciprocating tool has unique features for the processing of grooves, corners, through holes, chamfers, deburring, etc. of the workpiece, and has the functions of boring, grinding, polishing, and cutting. Select the model (front and rear stroke size, tool size) as needed. With the corresponding boring tool, oil stone, homemade abrasive tools, choose the right abrasive to achieve the desired effect.

Sanda sanding machine: The Sanda sanding machine processes objects by grinding the workpiece to the left and right at high speed. Suitable for grinding the surface of the groove and polishing the surface. The use of abrasive cloth strips, wool strips, etc. can be used to achieve the desired effect.

Angle grinder: Angle grinder is a high-efficiency mechanized hand tool for cutting, rust removing, deburring, repairing, polishing, polishing and polishing of metal castings. It has a wide range of applications in the manufacture and maintenance of machine tools, automobiles, tractors, shipbuilding, aviation, rolling stock, and containers. The use of different grinding discs, abrasive discs, and other consumables can achieve the desired effect.

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