After the passion of calm wedding decoration Feng Shui taboo

Marriage room preparation before marriage is also an indispensable step for newcomers. Having a marriage room means the birth of a new family. A new life begins again. It is also very important to decorate the wedding room.

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First, the marriage room layout color taboo too

Although it is a wedding room, the color should not be blindly pursued for celebration. The red color should be used as little as possible, and should be mainly in soft colors and simple arrangements. Red is very passionate, but the young couple is living, too bright colors make people feel tired, and how to rest well?

Second, wedding room decoration to "marriage room paint"

It's not easy to take a wife now. It takes a hundred thousand or so. Everything is ready, and only the east wind is owed. This decoration of the wedding room is not a sloppy one. The choice of paint is particularly important, otherwise the entire indoor air pollution, small is hazardous to health, most are incurable diseases, but also harm the next generation, to remind you to be cautious and careful ah. But now some manufacturers have launched a "marriage paint" is quite suitable for new home decoration, net taste of environmental protection.

Third, do not clutter up under the bed in the marriage room bedroom

Under the bedroom bed taboo accumulation of debris, under the bed is often not very breathable dark place, put debris, easy to damp moldy or breeding bacteria, and usually difficult to clean up, resulting in health corner, the time the little wife cleaning trouble. And from the gas field above, the accumulation of debris under the bed, easy to affect the individual gas field, will be a nightmare, poor sleep quality.

4. There are too many electrical taboos in the bedroom, especially the TV is facing the foot of the bed

It is best not to put too many appliances in a wedding room. A TV is enough. There are too many electrical appliances in the bedroom, which is called “fire house” in feng shui. While affecting health, couples are also prone to spat. To ensure the happiness of the young couple does not quarrel, or pay attention to it. And modern medical theory points out that electrical radiation does harm human health. The foot is the second heart of the person. If the television in the standby state is on the foot of the bed, the radiation is more likely to affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of the feet, and it is easy to cause diseases.

Five, marriage room bedroom should not put flowers, water plants, fish tanks, etc.

Herbs, water plants, fish tanks, and other such "water" gas things are best placed in the bedroom. If placed in the bedroom, it is easy to extinguish the fire of love between the young couple. You don't want to. Here's just getting married. The passion has already burned down. Be careful.

Sixth, wedding room bedroom mirror can not be in bed

This taboo is believed to be known by many people, but do you know exactly why? The answer is that people in the morning are usually ugly. Maybe the wife next to you who unloaded the equipment and wakes up, just like the appearance of Miss Sadako. Hey, for your safety and his safety, the mirror still takes a little bit farther. It is not good to scare the dear.

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