9.22 Qijia Gold 8 points heavy attack Kabei metal spike 1 yuan/piece

As the temperature turns cold and the autumn decoration season is approaching, after several upgrades and upgrades, the Qijia Mall has once again launched a “Golden Eight-Point” event with a heavy gift from the madness! Every Thursday night at 20 o'clock, you'll love it! (Golden 8 points URL: http://)

9.1 Opening Ceremony Hanger 88 yuan = "" pieces = "" src="http://i.bosscdn.com/blog/4010853.jpg" />
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What is the eight o'clock file?

I believe that friends who often watch soap operas know that it is a term often used in television programs. Programs are based on files. Then our products are also in one file and then one file, such as the endless stream. What is here? The most exciting price of the best quality products and the most cost-effective decoration materials for you to buy!

What's at eight?

This is not a TV show or TV shopping. This is our golden 8 o'clock stall! All the friends and fellow students who have renovated their friends and brothers and sisters can't miss the experience of purchasing a building product that integrates product service into one and collects quality and quality.

Here are the latest IN fashion products to invite you to experience first, here are the most mainstream fashion products for your choice, here are the best prices so you can not own!

Next, introduce your friends to the spike of 8:00 gold on Thursday (September 22)!

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