14 living room good feng shui principles quickly build good luck Wangzhai

The Chinese like to talk about feng shui and everything can be related to feng shui. The feng shui of the living room is related to the fortune of a family. Therefore, the decoration of the living room is also the most important part of the feng shui of Yangzhai. We hope that career advancement, higher fortunes, and prosperous wealth, etc., may wish to use feng shui to force, so as to create a good visual effect, in order to build a comfortable and unobstructed living room atmosphere, with good luck and luck.

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[PART1: Living Room Good Feng Shui Principle]

The living room should be more neutral. The color of the living room is not only related to the space style, but also affects people's emotions. The basic tone of the living room space is most suitable for a warm neutral color system. Not only does it have a relatively easy choice of furniture, it also has the function of magnifying the sense of space and enhancing family harmony.

Living room should ensure lighting conditions. The natural light must be abundant during the day, and the lights must be kept bright at night. The light source is preferably yellow and white. One of the most frightened living room lighting is to save electricity, or to create atmosphere, and use only small wattage lamps. As a result, it hurt sight and brought bad fortune.

The living room furnishings should be smooth. The overall layout of the furniture must not be broken, so as to avoid injury caused by collision and affect emotions. Imagine that once you enter the front door, you will face the wall; you will need to go through a large section of walkway to get to the living room, etc. This kind of living environment will feel comfortable, and it may cause unexpected injuries and work failure.

Living room should keep air circulation. The air does not circulate, and helium and dust gather. The body naturally becomes ill. Of course, the feng shui of this living room is not good, and it is easy to have problems such as getting sick or not getting rich. If you are wearing the hallway and the front door is facing the back door, you will have a lot of wind. This kind of space is hard to get rich.

Living room atmosphere should pay attention to comfort. Home layout, different from commercial space, many people in the planning and design of new homes, will deliberately pay attention to the excessive embellishment of style and jewelry, the living room is decorated with magnificent. At the beginning, it may feel quite fresh, comfortable and enjoyable. However, it will not be long before you feel something is missing. Therefore, the layout and decoration of the living room is based on the principles of comfort and warmth.

Decorate the appropriate mascot. According to the position of the room, the homeowner's life, together with the five elements, three branches and three meetings, choose the appropriate auspicious ornaments, place them in the position of joy, and produce the functions of health, grams, system, and chemistry. Great effect.

[PART2: layout for the living room]

The moving line in the living room will affect the occupants' ease of movement, walking smoothly and naturally, and the fortune will also open. The main components of the living room can be divided into two categories, one is a sofa, a coffee table and other furniture; the other is television, audio and other equipment, its layout is also very knowledgeable, so we must first plan before the renovation The furniture is configured so as not to inconvenience the migration of weeks and weeks.

The sofa faces the door. The main sofa in the living room should be placed in front of the door. In addition to being able to see people entering and leaving at any time, to master the status of the home, sitting on the sofa facing the front door, you can also see the situation of each space, and it will not produce There will be a sense of unease in the back door. In addition, there is symbolic significance of positive fortune toward gate.

The back of the sofa should not be empty. If the back of the sofa is empty, in the feng shui is called "Lord", in other words, it is like a lesser backer, and there are fewer nobles who can rely on in the business. Therefore, in planning the living room furniture, the sofa must be close to the solid wall to prevent it from breaking through to make friends.

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