The 3rd Plenary Session of the National Construction Wa…

The 3rd Plenary Session of the National Association of Building Waterproof Societies was held in Yantai From September 20th to 22nd, the 3rd plenary session of the National Association of Building Waterproof Societies was held in Yantai, Shandong Province. A total of more than 30 representatives

The first person in Chinese furniture: Che Jianxin

Mr. Che Jianxin was born in an ordinary peasant family in Changzhou before the reform and opening up. He began his carpenter career without completing his studies. When China reformed and opened up in the 1980s, the profession of carpenters made Che Jianxin and his partners con

Old man room layout selection intimate to create the mo…

As the main room for us to sleep and rest, it is very important that the bedroom is comfortably furnished. For parents, a good bedroom is even more crucial. They are getting older in the years, their legs and feet are not flexible, their sleep quality is not high, and they are more afraid of the c

Brushless oscillating brake routine maintenance and use…

The brushless oscillating gate is a revolutionary technology product of InnoPath. Although it is only a brushless motor, it is the configuration of the brushless motor that has a brushless sluice. The overflight of quality. Here, many friends should have seen and used swing gates in some places. Af

Focus on the 13th Five-Year Plan: the strategy of manuf…

Abstract Editor's Note: The communique of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will come as scheduled. This nearly 6,000-word communique will set the tone for China's national economy in the next five years. The first news that was smashed was the release of the

High-end small apartment decoration design skills

With the cruel reality that prices are soaring and wages are not rising, it has been very difficult for the loans to buy small units. The design of the upper and lower floors of the small-sized apartment has, to a certain extent, made up for the sense of distance in space, and is therefore deeply

The importance of food bottle packaging testing

For food bottle packaging, the safety of its packaging is now receiving increasing attention. Especially plastic food bottles On the one hand, plastic food bottle materials are increasingly worried, plasticizers and bisphenol A events make people The food bottle of material material is more unr

Management measures for the harvesting of apples

The management of apples before harvest to the second year of spring germination has a major impact on improving fruit quality and tree growth, flowering and fruiting, and yield increase in the coming year. The management technology is now introduced as follows:   First, pest control  ã€

Symptoms and control measures of boron deficiency in ra…

First, the symptoms of oil shortage of boron Whether rape is deficient in boron can be judged by observing roots, leaves, stems, flowers and fruits. 1. When the roots are seriously deficient in boron during the seedling stage, the young roots stop growing, without root hairs or lateral roots,