Kitchenware purchase notice

Open kitchens are more and more popular among consumers. Therefore, the appearance requirements of kitchen utensils are becoming more and more demanding. It is no longer just the requirement to be able to place kitchen utensils, wash vegetables, and begin to pursue the aesthetics of kitchen ut

Basement, pool waterproofing scheme

The waterproofing of the basement should be based on the nature of the project and the requirements of the project. The set-level waterproof standard, the scheme is reliable, the waterproof material construction is simple, and the economy is reasonable. Waterproof adherence follows: “Pre

Question and answer about the legality of telephone des…

The telephone line desk lamp is used in the telephone of the majority of residents' homes. It is connected to the telephone line through the jack of the telephone. It is the same reason that one telephone extension is connected with oneself, and it does not violate the national telecommuni

Introduction to blinds

The choice of blinds is also very particular. The venetian blinds for the living room should be arranged with a waterfall and landscape pattern to make people feel like they are in a poetic setting. Venetian blinds are divided into two types: fixed and movable. They are folded and joined by m

Advantages of high-strength cold-formed steel

In recent years, with the development of China's steel structure application technology, economical profiles such as cold-formed thin-walled steel have developed rapidly. Compared with traditional rolled profiles, cold-formed thin-walled steel has reasonable cross-section material distribu

How can I buy quality curtain fabrics?

In home decoration, fabrics such as curtains and bedding are indispensable, but few people pay attention to the environmental indicators of these "small objects". In order to improve the wrinkle resistance and fire resistance of these fabrics, many manufacturers add auxiliary compone

Heavenly floor lock is more than just a lock

Why is it that the " Tiandao brand rolling door anti-theft floor lock " is more than just a lock? First of all, its vitality lies in the flexibility of value matching. Depending on the user's needs, it can realize the anti-theft subjectively and intuitively solve the misunderstanding

Brief introduction of wearing N95 mask

Take the 3M N95 mask as an example, briefly introduce how to wear the mask: 1, first pull the headband every 2 to 4 centimeters (for type 8210 only). 2. Place the mask in the palm of your hand and place the metal strip on the nose in the direction of the fingertip so that the headband wi