Efficient application of microbial pesticides

In the process of agricultural production, reasonable application of microbial pesticides we need to avoid the following: First, it is forbidden to apply at very low temperatures. When some farmers apply microbial live pesticides, they ignore the surrounding environmental con

Introduction to linen flooring

Flax flooring is a kind of elastic flooring. Its ingredients are: linseed oil, limestone, cork, wood flour, natural resin, jute. Natural environmental protection is the most prominent feature of linen flooring, with good resistance to cigarette butts. Flax is currently based on coils and is a

White goods source

The source of white goods, white goods first refers to white home appliances, because the early white goods refrigerators and washing machines due to the built-in engine is large, to ensure that the actual content of the electrical appliances is sufficient, the products must be manufactured ve

Biological Fermented Feed Pig Breeding Formula and Tech…

The biological fermented feed is a modern high-tech biotechnology product, which is made by using a beneficial microbial straw and the like for biological fermentation, adding a certain energy feed, protein feed, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is used for raising pigs. It not only has go

Various problems and misunderstandings in hotel decorat…

With the development of the times and the prosperity of the tourism industry, the hotel industry has also prospered. All kinds of high-end hotels and theme hotels are located in major cities. However, behind the prosperity of the hotel industry, there are various problems and misunderstandings

Scientists develop nanomaterials that combine both stre…

Scientists at the University of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA used the “electrospinning” method to produce this new kind of nanofiber material. It has both high strength and good toughness, and it has a wide range of applications in various manufacturing industries. . Acco

Correct purchase of organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer can increase soil organic matter content and improve soil physical and chemical properties. It can increase the aeration, water permeability and water storage of the soil, improve the root growth environment, and enhance the water retention and fertilizer retention capacity o

Ancient money true and false identification skills

In recent years, the ancient coin market has been flooded with counterfeits, and there are many kinds of pseudo-techniques. Especially the popularization and application of modern high-tech, the fidelity of the products is higher, so people's ability to discriminate is also improved. The i

Xenon lamp product features

advantage First, the color temperature of the xenon lamp is 3000K to 12000K, of which the color temperature of 6000K is similar to that of sunlight, but it contains more green and blue components, so it shows blue-white light. This blue-and-white light greatly increases the brightness of road