No smell is no pollution?

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Buy cabinets to avoid "four big mistakes"

Myth 1: Finishing and buying cabinets Many people think that it is not too late to buy a cabinet after the kitchen is finished. It does not know that it takes a few months for the cabinet to be in place. More importantly, the cabinets are only booked after the renovation. The

What is a digital hard disk recorder?

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Digital Video Recorder (DVR) integrates all functions of video tape recorder, picture splitter, video switcher, controller, video server and remote transmission system. It can connect alarm probe and siren to realize alarm linkage function. I

Application of electric contact rapid heating machine i…

1 The traditional electric contact heating machine has a problem that the temperature of the heating end is not uniform. The heating temperature cannot be accurately controlled. The transformer current regulation capability is poor. The failure rate is relatively high. 2 The structure and characteri

Grape growth management technology

During the growing period of the grape, the top of the new shoot is removed, which can inhibit the growth of the apex. Topping the flowers before flowering can transfer the assimilated nutrients to the inflorescences more, promote the growth of inflorescences and flower development, reduce the fall

Application of Acrel-6000/B Electrical Fire Monitoring …

This paper briefly describes the composition principle of the electrical fire monitoring system, and analyzes the design basis and related specifications of the electrical fire monitoring system in the application. Finally, through the introduction of Ankerui residual current electric fire monitor

Application of Acrel-2000 Power Monitoring System in D4…

Introduce the office building project of the D4-5 block of the Senlan Waigaoqiao in Pudong New Area. The intelligent power meter is used in the substation to collect various electrical parameters and switching signals in the substation. The system adopts the on-site local networking mode. After th

Green vegetable management has a coup

Reasonable rotations such as solanaceous vegetables and onion and garlic vegetables can not only significantly reduce the disease, but also increase the yield. Reduce the humidity Because the bacteria can multiply in large humidity and harm the vegetables, so we should try to reduce the humidity in

The country's first network 3D war memorial memoria…

On the morning of July 7, the online Shandong Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall and the Shandong Anti-Japanese War Theme Exhibition were held at the Shandong Museum. The online Shandong Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall is the first 3D Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall in the countr

Guangdong Benlang 2015 Graduates' Inauguration Cere…

Abstract On July 7th, from the company's multi-functional conference hall, the "Disciple of the Disciples" was heard, and the enthusiasm and reverberations were repeated. The inauguration ceremony of the graduates of the Benlang 2015 was held here enthusiastically and grandly. T