China's ceramic tile exports continued to rise in t…

Abstract From January to September 2014, the export volume and export volume of China's ceramic tiles continued to decline year-on-year. Compared with the first half of the year, the decline was narrowed. Exports rebounded markedly in the third quarter, and monthly exports resumed positiv

Fiber spray lining without air tightness

Refractory fiber coating lining has the characteristics of light weight (bulk weight), which effectively reduces the load on the steel structure of the furnace. At the same time, the refractory fiber lining has a certain elasticity. Even if the steel structure produces a certain deformation, the

The cumulative growth rate of total profit in the hardw…

Abstract Recently, China Light Industry Information Center revealed that in the first eight months of this year, the total profit of China's hardware industry has increased by 13% year-on-year, which is nearly 1 percentage point lower than the cumulative growth rate of the previous seven

Don't fall into the misunderstanding of “no probl…

After the renovation of the new house, do you feel that it doesn't smell much, you can stay in it? As everyone knows, the decoration is like throwing a wolf into the room. "Please God is easy to send God." Improper detection is entirely possible to turn the decoration into a disa

Aluminum coloring process

【China Aluminum Industry Network】Aluminum profiles need to be oxidized before they are painted. Extrusion of good aluminum alloy profiles has poor surface corrosion resistance and must be anodized for external disposal to add resistance to aluminum. Erosion, wear resistance and the ap

Aluminum alloy doors and windows industry challenges an…

Affected by various factors of real estate, the building materials industry has been in a state of slump. Among them, aluminum alloy doors and windows industry is also difficult to escape the dilemma. After the implementation of the regulation and control policies, the volume of real estat

The main characteristics of aluminum coated zinc plate

【China Aluminum Industry Network】Aluminum-coated zinc plate is also called galvanized steel plate. Its aluminum-zinc alloy structure is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon cured at a high temperature of 600°C. Its entire structure consists of aluminum. - Iron-sili

Method of disassembling the motor rolling bearing

Home>Bearing knowledge>How to disassemble the rolling bearing of the motor /*728*90 created on 2018/5/16*/ var cpro_id = "u3440131"; Method of disassembling the motor rolling bearing Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-09-29 /*250*250 was created on 2017/12/25*/ var cpro_

Domestic villa area keen to install the camera

A villa area in Wuhan was stolen. Thieves escaped surveillance in the district and stole 3 households. The entire community is a three-storey villa, most owners have installed a complete anti-theft system for their own villas. The stolen Villa No. 105 was equipped with a security fence abo

Electrolytic aluminum flue gas purification features

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 Currently, electrolytic aluminum flue gas purification methods are classified into wet-type purification and dry-type purification. Wet purification has the problem of secondary pollution of water and corrosion of equipment. After running together for